Monday, February 28, 2011

I Heart Faces Challenge - Anything But A Face

This week's I Heart Faces Challenge topic is "Anything But A Face" and I thought of this photo immediately. I posted it several weeks ago on my personal blog, as part of my 365 Photo/Writing Project, and I just love it. You can read the entire blog post here if you'd like.

wish I could somehow have my flowered Docs permanently attached to my feet. Since the day I got them, I have worn them everywhere--to class, to church, to work, on dates. I was even planning to wear them under my wedding dress until my Mom vetoed the plan.

These days, the soles are worn almost smooth on the outer edges where I have a tendency to walk on the sides of my feet, and the toes are scraped and scuffed. But like all Doc Martens, they were made to last. All these years later, the stitches are still holding tight and even walking through a foot of wet snow, my feet stay warm and dry. The leather is still soft, and the flowers still bright enough to attract comments and curious glances from people I meet on the street.

I submit today's I Heart Faces Challenge entry to my flowered Docs--the best darn pair of shoes I will ever own. 


  1. i love these boots! i think you SHOULD wear them under your wedding dress haha! great photo!

  2. My sisters and I wore boots under our wedding dresses. :) Love the picture

  3. great the colors!